Sec. 403(b)
  A number of our representatives specialize in the Sec. 403(b) tax-sheltered annuity market. Through an endorsement in Kansas by the Kansas-NEA, the state teacher's organization, we have been able to become the major Sec. 403(b) provider in the state in the public school market. Additionally, some of our representatives have major non-profit accounts and are active both in the Sec. 403(b) and the optional retirement plan market in the state Board of Regents college and university system.

Our endorsement by the Kansas-NEA covers a period of 30 years and is one of the longest variable annuity endorsements by a state teacher’s association in the nation.

In 1972, we began marketing Sec. 403(b) tax-sheltered annuities in Oklahoma. While the expansion of this market has not been as extensive as in Kansas, we have several long standing relationships that have been very productive for our representatives in that state.

In 1978, we entered the Sec. 403(b) and optional retirement plan (ORP) market in the college and university systems in Texas. This market has been a major focus for many of our Texas representatives. The same year we also began working in the college and university market in Tennessee and in 1981 became active in the public school and university systems in Arizona.

While we have used variable annuity products extensively in the Sec. 403(b) market, over the past few years we have also began to use mutual fund custodial accounts. In some situations, we are able to bill both variable annuities and mutual funds on the same billing which is very helpful to our employers.

Building and servicing a client base in the Sec. 403(b) market has also helped us develop a substantial auxiliary investment business in working with these clients. With our ability to handle other qualified plan and investment and insurance needs, we have been able to provide our clients true full service retirement and investment planning.
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