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On Friday we talked about the opportunity presented by this recent dip in the broad stock market. We're beginning to see more clearly today the rotation out of tech and into value. That is translating into a continued slide in the Nasdaq, while the Dow is rising...
Mon, 15 Oct 2018 16:25:00 -0400
October's correction has scared a lot of people into making decisions that they will likely regret. Here's what Tony Mitchell, one of my managers, is saying to his family and to our clients.
Mon, 15 Oct 2018 16:07:00 -0400
Bitcoin prices rallied today. What caused this spike?
Mon, 15 Oct 2018 16:07:00 -0400
While unseasonably cold weather dampened Lowe’s (NYSE:LOW) first quarter results, it posted a recovery in the second quarter, beating consensus expectations on both revenues and earnings. However, the company was unable to match the astounding performance posted by its closest competitor – Home...
Mon, 15 Oct 2018 15:55:00 -0400
According to the 2018 edition of the Stock Trader’s Almanac, October has been a “great” time to buy. At the same time, October is sometimes known as the “jinx month” because an inordinate number of huge selloffs have occurred in the month, including those in 1929 and 1987.
Mon, 15 Oct 2018 14:05:00 -0400
Investing in collectables such as antique period pieces (Sotheby’s ticker is BID) or exotic cars (Ferrari’s ticker is RACE) might not be a bad idea ahead of the inflationary chatter from the Fed.
Mon, 15 Oct 2018 13:57:00 -0400
FMC Corp IPO Livent Corp on October 11, 2018. The remaining shares of Livent to FMC shareholders will be distributed through a spin-off or split-off, thus the full separation of Livent from FMC in 1Q-19.
Mon, 15 Oct 2018 13:31:00 -0400
Using the word “deficit” in conjunction with trade sounds bad to most people. We all know that a deficit in our personal finances means we spend more than we make, which is bad.
Mon, 15 Oct 2018 13:23:00 -0400
U.S. stocks remain overvalued while emerging market stocks look attractively valued. If "buy low, sell high" means anything, investors should be taking a close look at emerging market stocks.
Mon, 15 Oct 2018 13:21:00 -0400
Threats are best made by focusing on the most dire, even if least likely, outcome, and $400 per barrel oil would indeed create a dire situation for the global economy.
Mon, 15 Oct 2018 13:11:00 -0400
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